Penguin is now taking unsolicited manuscripts: Introducing the Monthly Catch

Penguin is now taking unsolicited manuscripts for one week each month. Previously, Penguin only took unsolicited manuscripts for children’s books, so this new initiative is a wonderful opportunity to get your manuscript in front of the editorial team of one of Australia’s biggest houses, and an international publishing network.

To submit to the Penguin team through their Monthly Catch initiative, you need to submit your manuscript and a 300-word pitch electronically between the 1st and the 7th of each month. If you submit at any other time, your submission will not be considered. The team at Penguin will recycle all hard-copy submissions. Make sure you specify in your email subject the title, type of book and the genre, for example Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Fiction/fantasy.

When you submit a manuscript, you’ll receive an automatic email so you know it’s reached the team. While they’ll read and review all submissions, Penguin will only contact successful applicants. So if you don’t hear back in three months, you are welcome to submit the manuscript somewhere else.

If you’re not sure if your book is a good fit for Penguin, you can check out their current range of books here. Make sure you follow the submission guidelines to the letter. You can find out more information here.

  • Marylin Houle

    Is this still going on?

    • Danielle Williams

      Best to check out the Penguin website for details. Use the links in the post above. Penguin should have all their submission details outlined there.