The astonishing beauty of libraries

We were so taken with these photos of the most beautiful libraries in the world that we were saw on Flavorpill – you can see the original post here – that we had to share them with you.

As you know we love books and reading them is one of our greatest joys in life. What is even better though is reading these books in a place that was made especially to house them, and is as beautiful as the books are well-written. While it’s true that you can read books anywhere, there is something sublime beyond words to be sitting in one of these cathedrals of knowledge when you do so. We can only hope to have the privilege of reading in some of these beautiful places of knowledge and learning one day.

But till that day comes, we can imagine what it would be like, courtesy of these breathtakingly beautiful images.


1) Central Public Library, Vancouver, Canada [via]

2) Bristol Central Library, Bristol, UK [via and via]

3) The Royal Danish Library (The Black Diamond),designed by Schmidt, Hammer and Lassen, Copenhagen, Denmark [via]

4) Stuttgart Central Library, Stuttgart, Germany [via]

5) Angelica Library, Rome, Italy [via]

6) National Library, Belarus [via]

7) Rijksmuseum Research Library, Amsterdam [via]

8) National Library, Site Richelieu, Paris, France [via]

9) The Los Angeles Central Library in Los Angeles, California [via]

10) Old Market Library, Min Buri, Bangkok [via]

Which library would you most like to spend hours reading in?

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  • Nick

    Great pics and stories behind each of them! This made me think of El Ateneo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While it’s a bookshop and not a library, I thought it was worth a mention :)

    • Andrew Gillman

      Hi Nick. Thanks for the feed back and El Ateneo is beautiful. Thanks for sharing that one. I think I need to do a post on beautiful bookshops now!

    • Valerie Khoo

       Wow, that’s a gorgeous library Nick!