Podcast with Dominic Smith

Dominic Smith

Dominic Smith is an Australian author currently living in Austin, Texas. He’s published three novels and his latest is Bright and Distant Shores. It follows the journey of an obsessive American collector who travels to islands in the Pacific to collect artefacts for an ethnographic exhibition. Set in the years after the Chicago World Fair, it chronicles the clash between modern and commercial America and the tribal Pacific.

Podcast with Bronwyn Parry

Bronwyn Parry

Bronwyn Parry was awarded the prestigious Golden Heart Award in July 2007 for her romantic suspense manuscript which has now been published as the book As Darkness Falls just out in Australian bookshops.

She holds an Honours degree in social history and English and has worked in HR in a hospital, as a youth worker, dance teacher, organisational development manager, and educational designer.

Podcast with Alan Sunderland

Alan Sunderland

Alan Sunderland is a television journalist and a children’s author.

He has written three books about a rat called Inspector Octavius O’Malley. His third book in the series has just been released called Octavius O’Malley and the Mystery of the Criminal Cats.

Alan has also written Refugee – The Diary of Ali Ismail which was part of the “My Australian Story” series published by Scholastic Books in June 2006.

Podcast with Jenine Beekhuyzen

Jenine Beekhuyzen

Jenine Beekhuyzen has done everything from washing cars to working the checkout at the supermarket. She decided that she did not want to be ordinary so she educated herself, finished university and got involved in IT work.

She has just released her book Tech girls are chic! (not just geek). It is a not-for-profit book free for Australian schoolgirls, to encourage them into an IT career.

What new words are creeping into the English language?

New words

The English language is an ever-evolving beast. New words and phrases sneak into our vernacular all the time. Some stand the test of time – while others fade away almost as soon as they are formed.

In this radio interview on Sydney’s North Shore 99.3FM, I chat to Tom Furey about some of the new words and phrases that have crept into the English language.

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Podcast with Amanda Falconer

Amanda Falconer

Amanda Falconer is author of The Renovator’s Survival Guide. Since the book’s launch, she has been featured on Sunrise, 9am with David & Kim, A Current Affair, as well as numerous radio interviews including ABC Radio in Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, as well as 3AW and 2CA.

Amanda is a brand and marketing expert with over 20 years experience across industries ranging from the rag trade to building and now, books.

Meet Anna Lanyon: Australian academic with passion for Spanish history. Her latest book is “Fire and Song”

Author of "Fire and Song", Australian academic Anna Lanyon.


Anna Lanyon is an author and academic, with a long interest in Spanish and Portuguese langue and history. She has written three historical books and her third, Fire and Song, has just been released.

Fire and Song is the story of the Jewish martyr Luis de Carvajal, and his sister, Leonor.  In the late 1500s the Spanish Inquisition reached Mexico, and Luis de Carvajal and his family were forced to defend their Jewish faith.

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Meet Mark Abernethy: author of four spy novels. His latest is “Counter Attack”

Mark Abernethy

Mark Abernethy is an Australian author well-known for his suspense and thriller novels featuring the Aussie super-spy, Alan McQueen. He has written four novels and two non-fiction books. His latest is Counter Attack, the third book in the Alan McQueen series.

In 2007 Golden Serpent was published, introducing Alan McQueen. The sequel, Second Strike, was released in 2008. He has also published a book on the life and sudden death of Michael McGurk.

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Meet Leslie Cannold: author of “The Book of Rachael”, a re-imagining of the story of Jesus told through his sister

Leslie Cannold: academic, ethicist, freelancer writer and novelist.

Leslie Cannold is an academic, ethicist and freelance writer. Her first novel is
The Book of Rachael, a re-imagining of the story of Jesus told through the eyes of his younger sister.

A long-time activist, Leslie Cannold is committed women’s rights and equality, two themes that feature strongly in her first novel.

She is also the author of two non-fiction books – What, no baby?

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Meet Lisa Genova: author, neuroscientist, speaker, actress

Lisa Genova, author of "Left Neglected" and "Still Alice"

Best-selling author, Lisa Genova, has just released her second book – Left Neglected. It is a fictional look at the devastating affects of a traumatic brain injury on high-powered supermum, Sarah Nickerson. It’s inspired by an actual condition called Left Neglect, where you are no longer aware of anything on your left.

As well as a bestselling author, Lisa Genova is a neuroscientist.

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